Shapouri House, Shiraz

Shapouri house is related to the early Pahlavi period and is registered as one of the Iranian national monuments in 2000.

The Shapouri house was built during the years 1931-1936 by a famous Shirazi architect and belongs to Abd-o-Saheb Shirazi, a famous businessman of Shiraz.

The house had belonged to Shapouri family until 1990 and was abandoned for a few years. Finally, in 1999 Fars Cultural Heritage bought and registered it as one of the Iran’s Cultural Heritage. The building has two floors with an area of 840 square meters and a land area of 4635 square meters which is built in the style of Qajar architecture.

The house properties

  • Adding a balcony was not an Iranian architecture, one of the unique properties of this building is having a balcony.
  • Accessing to the building is not from the main axis but is located with 90 ° rotation in northern view.
  • The garden has symmetrical paths.
  • There is no such an internal staircase in other contemporary architectures of Shapouri house.
  • Unlike other buildings with multi-purpose rooms, in this hose each room has its own usage.

On the second floor of the building there are 14 depicting columns and with decorative capitals and pedestals. By entering the house, you can see many decorations such as Plastering, Moldings, Wooden girih tiles, mirror works, Painting on plaster with European paintings issues and Masonry. There is a big pond in the yard that is very beautiful and eye-catching. There is a Gallery Cafe in Shapouri house that part of it is dedicated to the crafts of Shiraz. The house also has a restaurant, a coffee shop with live music as well.


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