Pire Naraki, Yazd

Pire Naraki is one of the oldest pantheons of Iran’s Zoroastrians.

About Pire Naraki Pantheon

Pire Naraki is one of the oldest pantheons of Iran’s Zoroastrians which is located in 20 km northwest of Mehriz in a foothill in which a spring of water flows. Zoroastrians have built rooms called Khile with a traditional architectural style made of mud. These rooms are structured for pilgrims. At the time of Parsian attack to Iran, Zarbanou escaped from Pars that was the center of Pire Narakienemies’ attacks to Yazd but soon recognized that Yazd was attacked, too. So she arrived to Dare Zanjir and took refuge in the mountains but the mountain did not shelter her and so this is why people still throw stones to the mountain as a ritual.

How is Pire Naraki’s building structure?

Pire Naraki

In the structure of this pantheon there is a room for the pilgrims’ residence and out of it a place for washing hands and face is considered.

How are Pirnaraki’s ceremonies?

In addition to the praying ceremonies and the holding various religious rituals celebrations and festivals are held. The interested visitors attend in various competitions such as painting, poetry, photography, calligraphy and sports. Other programs of these days are lecture, recognition of Zoroastrians’ donors of Yazd and praying.

Zoroastrians of Yazd have a lot of pantheons that Pire Naraki, Pir-e Sabz, Khatoun Banoo, Narestane and Chehel Cheraq are some of them.




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