Matinabad Eco-Resort

Matinabad desert eco-resort and organic farm are the first and only eco-resort in Iran, It is established in 2008, about 60 km south of Kashan, recognized as one of the distinctive practices in Iran.Matinabad desert01

Activities & Entertainment

This award-winning Eco-resort provides its nature lovers with exciting outdoor desert activities, such as camel riding, bike riding, desert trekking, sand surfing, star gazing and bird watching, all in line with ecotourism, in the unique desert natural environment. It provides children with a safe educational playground as well. Desert tours and visits to the nearby historical and cultural attractions are available too.

MatinabadSustainable Ecotourism Goals

Matinabad Eco-resort is trying to support protect the local environment, develop the quality of life of local communities, preserve the local society culture and promote sustainable economic benefits for the local community. All the staff in Matinabad Eco-resort comes from local area. This has caused a great decline in rural to urban immigration. In consequence, agriculture and farming have been advanced.


Accommodations in this unique eco-resort in the heart of the desert, built with local materials and it is designed in three different classes to satisfy diverse tastes; Safavid caravanserai style rooms, traditional village style rooms named Koomeh and tents, all equipped with modern eco-friendly facilities. Koomeh is a mud and brick single room with a dome shaped roof as the best natural way of air circulation. Wi-Fi is available in its traditional café.


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