Louvre Museum in Tehran

For most people, the word “Louvre” is the equivalent of that of “museum”. Its collections, historically combined with the history of France, are the result of centuries of passion. They are the consequences of the taste of numerous collectors- kings, princes and amateurs, of discoveries in Greece, Egypt or Near East, of the generosity of donators and of acquisitions made by curators.

The Louvre collections are also a manifestation of dream of university aiming at illustrating the diversity of the creative genius of human. Walking through the Louvre Hall, passing through the centuries of artworks, is one of the earliest Eastern civilizations to the middle of the nineteenth century.At this exhibition, we invite you to discover the history of the Louvre, from the days of the French kings to the developments of the present day.

Louvre Museum in Tehran holds from 5 March to 8 June 2018 and it opens between 9 am to 17 pm everyday.

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