Katalekhor Cave

165 km southwest of Zanjan, Katalekhor Cave /kaetaeleh xor/ is a natural rock/watery cave which like Alisadr Cave in Hamadan belongs to the Third Millennium BC with some difference in form

and quality. Alisadr Cave is composed of a lake whereas Katalekhor Cave is made of rocks and water deposits. Strangely enough Katalekhor is a multistory cave of which only three stories have been explored so far. The cave is made of side tunnels and lovely stalactites and stalagmites and conical inverted icicles hanging from the ceiling. The entrance of the cave is 1.5 m and the first vestibule is 400 m in length from the entrance which opens to a series of side vestibules. Up to a depth of 700 m archeologists have traced the remains of human and animal bones. Part of the Cave is used by sportsmen for exploration, another part for recreation and touring and a third part to hold festive ceremonies.

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