Jajarm, Iranian Cheetah Zone

The historical monuments in Jajarm consist of the tomb of Khajeh Ali Mehzyar, Tappeh Pahleven, Jajarm public bath and museum of anthropology and several graves and mosques.Jajarm also hosts parts of a protected zone called Miandasht which is one of the best habitats for Asiatic Cheetah. The Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus), also known as the Iranian cheetah, is a critically endangered cheetah subspecies surviving today only in Iran. Several numbers of cheetahs have been seen in this zone repeatedly.

Jalal-ed-din Castle on the road from Garmeh to Jajarm is at least 800 years old which may have been a defensive fortress against the Mongolian invasion. It is built as a hexagon on a hill and its towers, walls, and constructions are still standing, which makes it a worthy visit if you are visiting North Khorasan province. The rural villages by the road from Jajarm and Sankhast to Bojnourd are some of the most still virgin beautiful villages in Iran.

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