Zanjan City

Zanjan City

Zanjan is one of the provinces of Iran which is located in north-western part of the country. Zanjan is Azerbaijani-populated area. The capital city of Zanjan is Zanjan city.

Zanjan province is one of the highway areas of Iran that has monuments, culture and tradition of its own. The province has particular cultural attractions such as: crafts, music and local shows and costumes. Some of the crafts of this province are: knife making, Kilim, Jajim, and Charough, pottery, filigree, weaving carpet, metalworking, coppersmith and silversmith. These are some of the most important tourism attraction of Zanjan. Local music of Zanjan is Azeri music which is abstracted in Ashiks and is another significant cultural attraction of Zanjan Province. The traditional local women and men’s costume of Zanjan is also very interesting. Men are dressed with typical suit and felt hat and Giveh or Charough. Women’s traditional dresses are some clothes and some accessories like ring, bangle and etc. Depending on the economic power of people, different adornments are used with these clothes.

The Weather

The diversity of the region’s climatic has created different species of animal life. The presence of different species of wild animals, migratory birds and aquatic animals attracts tourists when hunting is allowed to this region. A large area called Angouran has been declared as a protected area by Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran from 25 years ago.

Due to the mountainous conditions of this region and the effects of wet north-west and west atmospheric flows we can explain the province’s climate having a very cold and snowy winter and a pleasant summer.

Spring and summer is the best time to travel to the province.

The Dialect

Before the Mongol invasion the dialect of Zanjan’s people was Persian. Now the people of the province speak Turkish, Azerbaijani and Persian.

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