Sari City

Sari Airport

Dasht-e Nazi international airport of Sari is located in15 kilometers north-east of Sari and has some daily flights to Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Asaluyeh, Bandar Abbas and Kish.

Sari airport Website: http: //


Flight information: (+98) 1133724101-3

Access roads to Sari

Sari-Gorgan high way with the length of 132 kilometers

Sari-Ghaemshahr high way with the length of 16 kilometers to the west and two main ways from Ghaemshahr, one of them goes to the south, Firuzkuh road and the other one goes to the west and south-west, Sari-Amol highway and from there, it goes to Tehran

Sari-Mazandaran Sea highway with the length of 28 kilometers

Sari-Chahar Dangeh road to the south-east with the length of 70 kilometers

Sari Railway

Sari was the first city of Iran that has started the construction of railway station but after Reza Shah and in the Second World War it was conquered by the Soviet. These rail lines are the main branches of Iran railway. Construction of this railway caused Sari to be divided in to two north and south parts until today.

Sari railway station is located in Asgari Mohammadian boulevard, before Shahid Nabavi bridge, the southern side of Sari barracks. The center of north railway administration is located in Sari and the most important lines of this railway are Gorgan, Bandar Turkmen, Ghaemshahr, Pol Sefid, Veresk and Firuzkuh.

Address: the southern side of Sari barracks, before Shahid Nabavi bridge, Asgari Mohammadian boulevard, Sari

Phone number: (+98) 2225061- (+98) 1512220047

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