Sari City

Travelers can do their shopping from old and local bazaars of Sari and buy all the stuff they need from these bazaars; also Sari souvenirs can be found in these bazaars that some of them are referred below.

Sari Souvenirs

Cookie (Kolucheh), mountain honey, rice, sour grenadine, nettle, different kinds of jam, different kinds of floral water and raspberry are some of the souvenirs of Sari.

Medlar of Sari

Medlar is a fruit that you can buy easily as a souvenir of Sari and take it to your city.

Pickle of Sari

If you be the guest of hospitable people of Sari or if you go to the restaurants of Sari and other cities in the north of Iran you will see that pickles are always served with their foods and it makes the food more delicious. Tourists can buy it from local bazaars of Sari.

Fruit rolls-up (Lavashak)

Fruit rolls-up is so popular among both adults and children that you can see it in many of the north of Iran’s shop. It is recommended that you buy these tempting fruit rolls-up for yourself and for others as a souvenir.

Local and Periodic markets

There are local and periodic markets in Sari like the other cities in the north of Iran.

Fishmongers market

Fishmongers market is located at the beginning of Tajan bridge that has some facilities such as fish pond and restaurant.

Nargesiyeh and Rajaie bazaars

Nargesiyeh bazaar is located in the vicinity of Agha Mohammad Khan-e Qajar old palace; it is one of the oldest and most crowded bazaars of Sari and Sari Jame mosque is located in it.

Turkmen market

This bazaar is located in Molla Majdoddin street. This market is one of the tourist attractions of Sari and only clothes are sold in this market that a lot of people from Sari and other near provinces refer to it to visit and buy the clothes they need.

Keshavarz and Rah Ahan daily markets

This bazaar is one of the city’s regional markets which is located in Keshavarz boulevard in the south of the city and it is one of the oldest and the most prosperous markets of Sari.

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