Sari City

Sari hotels

Tourists can benefit from the beautiful Sari hotels of and other cities of Mazandaran province to accommodate; most of these hotels have beautiful and natural landscape of the forest.

Salardarreh hotel

This hotel is located in the spectacular green space and virgin nature of dreamy woods of the north. The sound of singing birds in the first moments of the morning and waking up in a fresh air with pleasant smell of the trees make the best memories of your trip. This hotel has vast space that travelers can spend their free time in it. Salardarreh hotel provides appropriate facilities for the guests such as restaurant, traditional restaurant, conference hall and recreational and sport complex. The expert and trained staff of Salardarreh hotel are ready to give services to the travelers.

Badeleh hotel

Badeleh hotel is located on the green slopes of Lalim. Spending all the day in Lalim which is the natural habitat of tall trees and has a beautiful space with pleasant sound of birds is so romantic. Badeleh hotel consists of two parts includes a hotel and a coastal complex with the perfect facilities. This hotel is located in Khorasan road and it is a perfect destination in the middle of the way for pilgrims of Imam Reza. Badeleh hotel is a romantic place located by the beach can make unforgettable memories for the travelers.

Navid hotel

Navid hotel is one of the good four-star hotels of Sari. This hotel has beautiful and wonderful landscape of the nature of the north and by providing appropriate facilities make travelers’ accommodation calm and enjoyable. This beautiful hotel is ready to give services for the weddings and different conferences such as sport and official conferences.

Narenj hotel

Narenj hotel of Sari is located in 3 kilometers of Khazar Abad boulevard that ends to Farah Abad beach in the vicinity of Tajan watery river. This hotel is near to the city center and shopping centers and markets such as Turkmen market.

Asaram Hotel

The three star Asaram hotel that provides perfect facilities in the vicinity of beautiful and watery Tajan river plan to make pleasure accommodation for the travelers. This hotel has 8 floors and 180 beds, furthermore it is close to city center and it has easy access to the tourist attractions. The parking of this hotel is also free.

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