Rasht City

Rasht Bazaar

Rasht Bazaar or the Grand Bazaar of Rasht is located in the old and central part of the city with an area of over 24 hectares. It is the center of all the commercial activities of Gilan. The traditional Bazaar of Rasht has 14 inns that are connected to each other. It contains different parts, such as large field, small field, and the inns. The architecture of inns and vaulted in this Bazaar are one the major tourist attractions of this Bazaar.

The inns were built in Qajar and early Pahlavi periods to be as commercial centers. Some of them are big and small vaulted, Mohtasham inn, Chini Chian, Malek and etc. You can find various aspects of the beauty of folk culture of Gilan in different parts of the Bazaar that are very beautiful. This is a very nostalgic place for Rashty people and the people are still working with the old method.

Thousands of residents of nearby towns and villages of Rasht attend to the Bazaar to trade in this market daily. In this Bazaar, in addition to agricultural products, all the necessities of daily life can be found. You can visit this Bazaar and buy different and beautiful souvenirs in addition to visiting the old inns.

Special offer

Some of the recommended attractions of Rasht’s’ bazaar are:: big and small vaulted, Sa’adat vaulted, Mohtasham inn, Chini Chian inn, Malek inn and etc.


The most important handicraft in Gilan includes basket manufacturing, straw matt weaving, pottery, handwoven silks, shawls, gelim, jajeem and rugs and wood carvings. The best souvenir from Gilan is marmalade and koloocheh cake.

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