Rasht City

Gilan province has many beautiful palaces for travelers as Rasht highlights:

Rasht Abrishami House

Abrishami House is one of the old buildings of Qajar era located in Seighalan region of Rasht. This house has two halls. One of these halls is called Chini Khane and the other one is called Ayene (mirror) hall.

The Pavilion

This mansion which is located in the middle of the City Park of Rasht (Mohtasham Garden) is one of the beautiful buildings of Rasht City. Gohar Rud River flows from the south of the building with a special curvature and doubles the beauty of the surroundings.

Rasht Museum

Rasht Museum is one of the evocative sights for tourists that is 70 years old in Taleghani House. Mirza Hosein Kasmayi eho was Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali’s partner has built this museum.

Lakan Salty Water Spring

Lakan Salty Water Spring is one of the important natural attractions of Rasht City in the middle of Agha Dana Pir Road in which there is a beautiful rainforest in the east side of it.

Danay-e Ali Monument

Danay-e Ali Monument is very famous in Rasht. It is the host of many pilgrims every year. It is Gilan province religious tourist attraction.

Safi Mosque

Safi Mosque is a historical – religious attraction of Rasht and is one of the oldest mosques of the city.

Haji Bakande coastal area of Rasht

Haji Bakande coastal area is Khoshkbijar’s district functions. This area is registered in Gilan ecotourism list in in coastal areas and plains. Specially the beaches nearby like Jafrud and Anzali free – trade zone increases the values of this coastal area of Rasht.

Saqalaksar Lake Dam

With a beautiful landscape Saqalaksar village is full of lake silence and clump of forest trees has surround it.

Sangar Lake Dam

The scenery around the Sangar Lake Dam has very beautiful view which attracts Eco tourists and other visitors.

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