Rasht City

Rasht City

Rasht city had been having different titles during the history. For example: Europe Gate, The Bride City of Iran, The City of Rain, The city of Silver Rains and etc.

The city is the largest northern city of Iran that encompasses an area of approximately 9% of Gilan province. The current Rasht city used to be a borough between two rivers of Gohar-Rud and Siah-Rud.

The geographical location

Rasht is located in the center of the province which is connected to the Caspian Sea and Anzali Township in the north, to Roudbar in the south, to Siahkal, Lahijan, and Astaneh-Ashrafiye from the east and to Some’e Sara, Fouman and Shaft from the west. It is 1427 square kilometers and has 6 parts, 7 cities, 18 rural districts and 293 villages.

The history

Rasht has been existed in pre-Islamic era at least Sassanid era. At a time when the collapse of the Sassanid dynasty was happening the independent governance of the city was called Gilan-Shah. After the Arab conquest of Iran, the first time the name – Rasht – came from was 680 AD. The original creation of Rasht most probably dates back to pre-Islamic times. According to another tradition, this area used to be under Caspian Sea in a long distant past but step by step because of high precipitation and evaporation of water Gilan land and Rasht came out of the water.

The population

The population of the city is 918445 people that 698014 of them live in the city and 220431 of them live in village. In another word 76 percent is urban population and 24 percent is rural.

The dialect

The ethnic of Rasht is Gilak and their language is therefore Gilaki. Most of the city population are Shia.


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