Khorramabad City

To travel to Lorestan, the tourists can use planes, trains, buses and private vehicles.

Khorramabad transportation

The Planes

Khorramabad Airport runway was built during World War II (in the middle of 1943) by Allied in front of Badr – abad local military camp that was the headquarters of the armed forces of the Soviet Union, Britain and America. Tourists can travel to Khorramabad by plane from Tehran and Mashhad.


Flight information: (+98) – 6633439901

The train

Doroud has train station that is connected to the national railway of Iran.

The bus

Khorramabad has no extra-provincial passenger terminals and carriers provide pay individually in Shariati Boulevard. It has bus from most major cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mashhad.

Private vehicles

If you wish to visit the natural attractions of Lorestan, the best option for you is using personal vehicle, because many of these attractions in intercity routes not in the cities it is better for passengers to take vehicles on their own. In any case tourists must not miss the opportunity to stroll the pristine areas of urban land.

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