Khorramabad City

Travelers can purchase souvenirs of the province for yourself and your friends.

Lorestan souvenirs

Lorestan province has a lot of crafts such as rugs, carpets and woolen cloth weaving, Shoemaker’s, engraving, woodturning, and Nickel silver crafts and felt weaving.
In addition to the shops in the province, it has been a few years that an exhibition known as Bahar Malge is at the entrance of Khorramabad in Shariati Park where in addition to crafts and costumes tourists can buy local foods that are rarely found during in restaurants. In addition, if desired, they can also purchase a couple of folk music of Lorestan albums and listen to them during the trip, to become familiar with the ancient Iranian music. Among the edible souvenirs buying honey and pancake from Khorramabad and sesame pudding and bread Euphorbia helioscopia of Borujerd is recommended.

Borujerd bazaar (Rasa)

This traditional bazaar dates back at least to the Qajar era although a variety of reasons such as fir has destroyed large parts of it and then renovated still some of its old parts retains. Each of market orders related to a specific job and coordination activities. The old job such as shoemaker embroidery, hosiery, copper, tin making, Shoemaker weaving, Wicker Makers, quilt, etc. are found in this market there.

Khorramabad traditional bazaar

The traditional indoor bazaar of Khorramabad is legacy of the past and is located in the old Carvansaraa in the center of Khorramabad. This valuable historical monument was a place to pass through and the restroom for caravans in the past. But over time it became a place to buy and sell and now is the center of buying and selling gold. This caravanserai which has an architectural style that belongs to the Qajar period has two domed in the north and east at the entrance.

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