Khorramabad City

Lorestan hotels including Khorramabad and Borujerd are very convenient for tourists who travel to the province. Some of the most important hotels are listed below:

Lorestan hotels

Khorramabad Jahagardi hotel

Tourists staying at the Jahangardi hotel of Khorramabad can enjoy the beautiful and pristine nature, historical and natural attractions of Khorramabad which are several in the city.

Borujerd Zagros hotel

Borujerd Zagros hotel is located in the city of Borujerd on the top of beautiful hills near lakes and waterfalls of Chogha tourism complex. Because of having beautiful view and having good services and serving eighteen Iranian and foreign foods at every meal Zagros hotel serves guests staying at the hotel and other guests and local people every day.
The hotel throughout the year, especially in spring and summer attracts large number of visitors of Iranian and foreign tourists.

Borujerd Amirkabir hotel

The hotel is located in the city center. It has easy access to most parts of the city Borujerd provided for guests.

Aligudarz Jahangardi hotel

Aligudarz Jahangardi hotel is located in the east side of the city having a view to Aligudarz city from one side and Barahout desert and dam from the other side. By staying at this hotel you can enjoy visiting attractions of Lorestan such as Gahar lake and Sefid waterfall, Dorak walnut woods and Dorak cave.

Khoram abad Saliz hotel

This three–star hotel is located in the center of Khorramabad. It has a beautiful view to Falak–ol–Aflak castel and the Brick minaret for the guests.

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