Kerman City

Kerman Transportation

Kerman international airport

Kerman international airport is located in Kerman city in Kerman province and it is one of the most important airports of the center of Iran. This airport has two domestic and two international terminals that 730000 Iranian and foreign travelers made use of the facilities of this airport last year.

Four airports in Sirgan, Rafsanjan, Jiroft and Bam have come in to operation.

Kerman domestic flights are: Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kish, Zahedan, Ahvaz and international flights are: Dubai, Najaf and Baghdad.

Flights information phone number: +98 3432110113

Address: Kerman international airport, Jomhuri Islami Blvd., Kerman

Kerman province railway

There are 18 train stations in Kerman province.

Address: Kerman railroad office, Rah Ahan Blvd., Shahid Sadughi (Tehran road), Kerman

Phone number:



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