Ilam City

Ilam transportation 

Ilam transportation consist of airport, intercity passenger terminal and bus terminal.

Ilam Shohada Airport

Telephone: (+98) 841-2236800

Flight information: 199

Address: Dreh Shahr road, Ghoran Sq., Ilam

Ilam Passenger Terminal

Ilam terminal is one of the most desirable terminals of the country. The location of platforms, vehicles, water closet, ticket station, waiting halls and… are well organized in Shohadaye Ilam terminal.

Telephone: (+98) 841-222808

Address: Shohadaye Shahrdari terminal, Shohadaye Chalsara Blvd., Ilam

Ilam Bus Terminal

Telephone: (+98)841-3331822

Address: Ilam terminals transportation organization, Modarres Blvd., Ilam

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