Ilam City


Sweetmeats, pastry, cakes and special halva, as well as sesame (animal oil), walnut, gums, butter, curd, honey, and mats, are available as souvenirs.

Traditional Cookies of Ilam

Kak, Pig bread, Baji Barsagh, Kaleh Konji, Gamkeh, Sholeh Kine, Saji bread, Saghez, Panjeh kesh bread, Samun are tasty and delicious cookies of this province.

Bagol Halva

Bagol Halva is one of the traditional confections of Ilam since this traditional confection has high nutritional value a lot of people are interested in it.

Saji Bread (Local Bread)

Saji bread is one of the traditional confections of Ilam province.

Baji Barsgh

One of the delicious cookies of this province is Baji Barsagh which is famous for a long time.

Sholeh Kine (Lakine)

Shole Kine is one of the other original and traditional breads of Ilam that is cooked on the Saj like other breads of this province. This energetic and notorious cookie has high nutrition value.

Pig Bread

One of the other traditional cookies of this beautiful province is Pig bread which specially belongs to Ilam. Gifted women of Ilam mix salt, flour, onion and water to make a big and flat dough and they put it under the ash of charcoals.


Kilim, Giveh (special old shoes), felt carpets, Ihram, Moj, Siyah Chador (Black Tent), Jajim, Pottery, cloak weaving, rug and jewelry made by hand are famous handicrafts of this beautiful province that we introduce some of them.

Embossed Kilim

Embossed Kilim is one of the handicrafts of Ilam that is famous for a long time is a unique souvenir for travelers. This handicraft is a combination of rug and kilim.

Weaving Chopogh

It is one of the handicrafts of this province that is made of reed.


A lot of people are interested in Ilam Giveh industry and skilled masters of this city weave soft and light Giveh for people. Giveh is mostly used in cold places because they are waterproof and rain doesn’t penetrate in it.

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