Zahedan City

Zahedan is one of the Iran’s metropolises and is the center of Sistan and Baluchestan Province.



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The Burnt City, UNESCO Site

The Burnt City (Shahr-e Sukhteh), UNESCO Site One of the largest and richest Bronze Age sites in Iran and the Middle East is located in Sistan and Baluchestan. Located near the city of Zabol the Burnt City (Shahr-e Sukhteh) spans an area of more than 300,000 hectares. Founded in 3200 BC, the city fell into ruins in 2100 BC after …

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Darak Beaches, Sistan and Baluchestan

Darak Beaches, Sistan and Baluchestan Darak or Darag in the local language means settling along the sea.The beaches of the village of Darak are located in the ZarAbad district of Konarak city, in Sistan and Baluchestan province. Darak beaches are not only one of the most exclusive beaches in Iran, but also are one of the most unique beaches in …

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