Yazd City

Yazd is the ancient and historical lands in Iran and is the first brick city and the second historical city in the World. yazd yazd



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Pire Naraki, Yazd

About Pire Naraki Pantheon Pire Naraki is one of the oldest pantheons of Iran’s Zoroastrians which is located in 20 km northwest of Mehriz in a foothill in which a spring of water flows. Zoroastrians have built rooms called Khile with a traditional architectural style made of mud. These rooms are structured for pilgrims. At the time of Parsian attack …

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Dowlat Abad Garden,Yazd

Dowlat Abad Garden with its internal mansion is of the old gardens Yazd. It was built in 18th century by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi (known for Khan-e Bozorg). This complex contains the gate, vestibule building, and the wind catcher that is a symbol of desert cities. Behesht ayeen mansion, Ayene hall, Tehrani mansion, cistern and Naser Garden are the most …

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Zeinodin Caravanserai, Yazd

This caravanserai was built with the order of Ganjali Khan Rig, the governor of Kerman. It was the seating of gunmen and guards. Zeinodin Caravanserai is the only remaining round inn from the Safavid era and has been repaired by Emami brothers. It is rounded from the outside and dodecagon from the inside. It is a five-star caravanserai. How is …

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