Kerman City

Kerman is the biggest province of Iran which is located in the southeast of it. Historically, the residence of people in Kerman back to the fourth millennium.



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Rayen Citadel, Kerman

Rayen Citadel, Kerman Rayen Castle is an adobe castle in 100 Kilometers south of Kerman, and valuable to visit when tourists travel to Iran. Rayen Citadel covers an area of 22000 sq. m and is the second biggest adobe building after Bam Citadel and consists of a bazaar, a stable and aristocratic and ordinary adobe houses. There are many castles …

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Arg e Bam , UNESCO Site

Arg e Bam, UNESCO World Heritage Site Arg e Bam or Bam Citadel is the biggest adobe building in the world, built about 2200 years ago. The citadel is located northeast of Bam city over Tappeh Azarin. It consists of 39 watchtowers and a giant moat and parapet which protected the citadel for centuries. Bam Citadel covers an area of …

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