Darreh Shahr, Ilam

128 km southwest of Ilam, Darreh Shahr was very large town but was reduced to ruin by earthquakes at the beginning of Arab Conquesi.

Recent excavations have shown that it was a famous city during the Sassanid Period. The water mill and castle in Sheikh Makan village, historical palaces and bazaars, Tighen Tappeh, the shrines of Jaber Ansari, Baba Seifoldin and Imamzadeh Saleh, a Sassanid domed building, Gavmishan Sassanid bridge on river Seimareh 175m long with one opening as wide as 50m, Mazhin Castle, and a series of caves, a museum, ancient relics, and several historical hills have enriched Darreh Shahr. Strait of Razianeh, a wonderful destination for geotourism , with green nature, is located in km 50 of the road from Ilam to Darreh Shahr (aka the city of the valley). A river flows through the deep narrow strait with fascinating natural forms on the walls everywhere.

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