Darband, Tehran

Located in north part Of Sa’ad-Abad garden, Darband is one of the old districts in Tehran.

Darband is natural and beautiful area in north of Tehran. It is at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level and is one of the main starting ways for climbers to Central Alborz. A narrow path starts from Darband and ends to Twin Falls (Abshar dogholou) and Shirpala shelter.

Darband Tehran

The old neighborhoods of Darband are:

Morgh Mahale or Mogh Mahale, Kenar Mahale, Kalagh Par and also Sarband are the old neighborhoods of Darband. A river called Darband River passes among Darband village.

The main valleys of Darband River are:darband Tehran

Darre Ousun, Darre Abshar, Darre Emam-zade Ebrahim, Darre kak, Abshir Darre and Darre Zoun. Darband street starts from Qods square at an altitude of 1600 meters and ends in Sarband square at an altitude of 1800 meters.

The main streets of Darband are:

Sabt Street, Ja’far-abad Street (Fana khosrow) are the main streets of Darband.

What are the entertainments?

If you go to Darband, there are some entertainment facilities you may like to experience in its nice weather. Tehran Sleigh or Darband sleigh is one of them and was opened in the early 1392 at top of Golab-dare garden. There is also a variety of other attractions in the garden that the sleigh is located in.

Facilities of Darband Sleigh complex

  • 30-meter waterfall
  • Family pavilions
  • Children playground
  • Cycling Road
  • Unique green space


Do you like mount climbing?

Sarband square (Climber statue) is an altitude of 1800 meters. To reach to Tochal summit, you should pass from Pas-Ghal’e village, Shirpala shelter and Amiri shelter.

How to get to Darband?

Reaching to this strict is simple. First you should get to Tajrish square and then there are many taxi services that take you to Darband. To get to Tajrish square, depending on your place, you can use metro (line 1), BRT bus lines or taxi services.


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