Clouds Forest (Jangal-e Abr )

Iran has many famous forests, one of which is the Clouds Forest.Clouds forest is located near the cloud village in Shahrud area.Jangal-e Abr (EN: Clouds Forest) is the oldest and prettiest Hyrcanian jungle (the oldest jungles of the world) which in the north contains rare animal species. In fact, this forest is located in a place that is diminishing from the thickness of the Alborz Mountains, and the clouds that are laced behind the wall go southward along the valleys.

The jungle covers an area of 35 thousand hectares and is called Abr Jungle because of it is often covered by dense clouds. There are 85 types of plant species in the forest. You can see tree species such as Beech, Oak, Yew, Wild Cherry, Ader.If you are interested in wildlife, you can see a variety of animals such as brown bear, wolf, leopard, jackal, eagles, hawk in this forest. Just be careful that if you intend to spend the night in the forest, be sure to turn on the fire and put off the fire completely after leaving the place.

If you are looking for a cool, lively climate in the summer, this forest can be one of your best choices and provide you with an unforgettable experience. By surfing in the woods, there are plenty of water springs to drink from which you can drink cool water.

Jangal-e Abr

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