Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, UNESCO World Heritage Site


Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat (/tchoghä Zambil/), constructed about 1250 BC, is the globally important remains of palace and temple complex of the ancient Ilamite city of Our Untashi (Dur Untash) near Susa which has survived from the Ilamite Period.

Chogha zanbilThe complex consists of a magnificent ziggurat (the largest structure of its kind m Iran), temples and three palaces. It is one of the few existent ziggurats outside of Mesopotamia The ziggurat (temple tower), palaces and three enclosures (inner, middle and outer), which originally was 53 m and five stories high, measuring 105 X 105 meters, with its labyrinthine walls is made of thousands of large bricks with Ilamite inscription and has seven gates, which reflects the religious ideologies of that time. Between the inner and middle walls, several temples dedicated to different Ilamite divinities were built. The second wall (460 X 420 m) enclosed seven temples and four chapels. It lies approximately 42 km (26 mi) southeast of Dezful, 30 km (19 mi) south-east of Susa and 80 km (50 mi) north of Ahwaz.

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